The Best Ways to Quickly Increase Potency at Home

The power of exercise and food

Human potential is a rather fragile system, sensitive to any negative external influence. Decreased potency may also be the result of age-related changes, diseases of internal organs, sexually transmitted infections, and inflammatory processes. In any case, only by consulting a doctor can the exact cause of sexual dysfunction be found and the problem ruled out.

Today, there are many quick ways to quickly increase and stimulate potency at home without the need for doctor intervention. If a man doesn't start having problems, and is sure there is no serious illness, you can turn to them, and then they can reduce his potency. In most cases, adjusting your diet, lifestyle, and eliminating bad habits is enough.

proper nutrition

The first thing you need to start increasing potency is adjusting your diet. As we all know, all the internal organs and systems of the human body can only function fully when they are rich in vitamins, micro and macro elements, valuable minerals and substances in food. For men, a balanced diet is important to replenish the resources of the reproductive system.

There are also certain foods - aphrodisiacs that stimulate sexual function, increase potency and libido. These include:

  • all seafood;
  • Vegetables - dill, parsley, celery;
  • turnip.

for reference!Parsley contains a special substance that inhibits the female hormone apigenin in men. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend that all men eat parsley every day, even to prevent impotence.

Additionally, men's daily menus should primarily include protein foods, as protein is necessary for building muscle mass and improving seed quality. Protein is rich in meat products, eggs, liver, fish and dairy products. It pays to give up foods that contain a lot of allergens.

The standouts among aphrodisiac products are flounder and oysters, which contain rare and very important amino acids, as well as zinc, which is used in large quantities for the production of testosterone. You can also eat shellfish, mainly in the spring, when their bodies produce the most zinc. If you eat oysters raw, it will have the highest and fastest effect on potency.

In addition, two types of fish -- mackerel and flounder -- contain significant amounts of "male" vitamins and substances. These substances are mainly involved in the synthesis and production of testosterone, thereby improving the quality of reproductive function. In addition, the production of seeds is influenced by the protein and trace elements in such fish components. It is recommended to eat fish in grilled or boiled form.


You can find answers to your questions about how to quickly increase potency at home without strong medication and how to prevent potency problems in the sports industry. Physical activity is the guarantee of male stamina, excellent potency and erection, and general health. The pubococcygeus muscle that needs training is primarily responsible for erections.

for reference!To increase the effectiveness of training to stimulate potency, you can combine classes with proper nutrition, as well as unconventional methods of enhancing sexual function.

You can quickly increase your potency if you do the following exercises daily:

  1. Rotate the hips 12 times clockwise and the same number in the opposite direction.
  2. After standing, men need to raise their knees as high as possible to belly level, doing 15 reps on each leg.
  3. After taking a standing position, you need to sit down slightly while bending your knees. Tighten the glutes to a greater extent during the exercise, and repeat 15 times.
  4. The man lies on his back, bends his knees, and then raises and lowers his hips up to 25 times in one session.
  5. Cycling must be done for 1. 5 minutes per day.
  6. At the end of the workout, men need to stretch the pubococcygeus muscle as tightly as possible for 2 minutes.

If done 2-3 times a day for 5 weeks, such a simple set of physical exercises will help increase potency. Additionally, training is not only a quick way to increase your home's performance, but it's also an excellent way to prevent sexual dysfunction.

folk remedies

If you follow home remedies advice and recipes, you can increase sexual activity, stamina, and potency with the help of basic traditional medicine.

Distinguish the following recipes:

  1. turnip. On a fine grater, you will need to grate the carrots and radishes, combine the vegetables in a ratio of 2 parts radishes to 1 part carrots, then add a tablespoon of honey. The resulting mixture should be taken 2 teaspoons per day. in the morning and before bed. This blend is totally helpful in boosting libido and potency, so it can be taken quickly before action.
  2. garlic. To stimulate the potency, you need to take 5 cloves of vegetables, chop and pour in a liter of water, then stick to it for a week, shaking the container constantly. Take 50ml of the tincture up to 3 times a day to improve blood flow and erectile function.
  3. nut. To prepare such a remedy, you need to mix 1 tablespoon of chopped walnuts, hazelnuts and peanuts, then dilute these nuts with 100 grams of honey. Take this mixture every morning on an empty stomach to improve testosterone synthesis and boost your immune system.
  4. Ginseng tincture. This medication is available in any pharmacy and you need to take a tincture 4 times a day, 20 drops before meals.
  5. Nettle tinctureAnother pharmacy version of traditional medicine, the tincture should be taken 3-4 times a day, one tablespoon each time. For 450ml of your own, you need to dissolve 200g of chopped herbs and stick to it for 3 days.

In addition, thyme is useful for male potency and can be added to tea in small amounts or brewed separately in 0. 5 liters of water, 2 tablespoons. l. Herbs. Take thyme decoction 10 grams twice a day. Additionally, folk remedies for male potency and erection include the use of leeches, the use of ginger, and parsnips.

Medicines and Homeopathy

With the help of certain medications, you can also improve male sexual performance at home. Consultation with a specialist is recommended before use.