The male g-spot is stimulated. Where is the g-spot and how to use it to orgasm

The debate over the existence of the G-spot didn't stop until recently, when an American scientist put an end to speculation by examining the body of an elderly woman. He found that the desired erogenous zone was located on the upper wall of the vagina and felt like a walnut. When this acupuncture point is stimulated, women experience orgasm for a short period of time, down to 10 seconds (in rare cases) with appropriate and sustained stimulation.

Unfortunately, the G-spot has not been fully explored. Some questions remain unanswered: Does it exist in every woman, and if so, can anyone have an orgasm from her stimulation?

How to start looking for the G-spot

Your partner can look for the G-spot, or you can look for it yourself. To do this, you need to insert two or three fingers into the vagina and apply a special lubricant to it in advance. After inserting the finger into the vagina, it needs to be bent upward to touch the upper wall.

How to stimulate the G-spot

Insert a lubricated finger into the vagina, and gently press the pubic bone with the other hand. The finger inserted into the vagina should move up and down, while paying attention to the clitoris to gain sensitivity. You can do this without the help of a partner. You can also use the vibrator to find the focus yourself.

If your partner's penis naturally curves slightly upward, you'll have more stimulation-promoting positions, even the classic missionary pose. Another simple and effective position is for the woman to face her partner on top.

what is a squirting orgasm

When stimulating the G-spot, girls can also experience jet orgasms. During this orgasm, the girl's vagina releases a specific fluid. In order to achieve such an orgasm, the partner must insert lubricated fingers and move them up and down the vaginal wall, which must be done carefully so as not to cause pain. Until then, your partner should help you relax with a massage with massage oil. Girls need to lie on their backs with their knees bent.

During a squirt orgasm, there is the urge to urinate, but that feeling soon passes and the desired pleasure arrives. Still, for your confidence, it is recommended that you go to the bathroom before surgery.

Don't be discouraged if you don't experience any kind of orgasm the first time, everything has its time. Sometimes girls only get results after 2 weeks of training. You just have to learn to relax and fully trust your partner.

Where is the G-spot for women and how to find it? These interesting questions concern almost all modern people. Women want the indelible and unparalleled sensation caused by the stimulation of the area. Men want to please their partners while increasing their self-esteem as a talented and experienced lover. In this article, we try to describe in as much detail as possible where to look for this magic spot.

The female G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, about 3-5 cm from the entrance. However, this point is located in the range of 1-10 cm, and it is also far from always in the center of the wall. Usually the point is on the right or left.

Finding the G-spot isn't that easy, but the results will cost you all your hard work. Most importantly, don't forget that in a calm state, the Mystery Spot is barely noticeable and doesn't exceed the size of a pea. In a state of excitement, it swells, doubles in volume, and becomes apparent. In contrast to the smooth texture of the main part of the vagina, the point or area has a slightly rough surface, somewhat reminiscent of goose bumps or a walnut peel.

So, let's start looking for the magic point:

  1. First, do whatever it takes to create a strong excitement in your partner. Ideally, try to get her to orgasm. The point is best probed at the moment before or after it starts.
  2. The easiest to search for is a position where your partner is lying on their back with their legs apart. Gently insert two fingers into the vagina, feeling the area just below the pubic bone. Also keep in mind that numerical statistics about G-spot locations are not an axiom, and the treasure area may not be in the exact same location for different women.
  3. In almost all sexual intercourse, this part of the vagina is characterized by reduced sensitivity. Therefore, in order to detect it, it is usually necessary to press the area under study very strongly. Ask the woman to suggest which direction you should move.
  4. If in the process of finding a partner, you have the urge to urinate, chances are you're on the right track. This reaction, along with discomfort, occurs in many women when you hit the G-spot. Don't worry, these types of feelings will soon fade away and be replaced by a feeling of increasing excitement.
  5. The G-spot is like a small lump, no bigger than a pea. Try to grab it with two fingers. Then begin rhythmically squeezing and loosening the lump, pressing and releasing it, while trying strong movements while delicately avoiding injuring the sensitive vaginal mucosa.

Everyone around is talking about the G-spot, but few are talking about the other equally important erogenous zones of women. If you learn to arouse these points, orgasms will no longer escape from under your nose.

female erogenous zone

Many people have heard of the magical effect of the special G-spot on women more than once, but few people know what is hidden behind the name, and few people know that there are at least 3 special points, the stimulation of which will bring women. to a particularly pleasant feeling. These same erogenous zones in women are called A, K, U spots, that is, the entire "female alphabet" consists of the acronyms G-A-K-U.

Let's take a closer look at what these erogenous zones on women's bodies are, where they are, how to stimulate them, and what effects women get from stimulation.

The G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, 4-5 cm from the vaginal entrance. It is an allergic area of the vagina, 1. 5 to 2 centimeters long and contains 600 nerve endings per square millimeter, unlike other areas that contain no more than 30 nerve endings. In other words, stimulation of this area will bring 20 times the pleasure. In women, this erogenous zone can be easily stimulated with the fingers or a small vibrator with the appropriate purpose and shape.

Where is the erogenous zone of a woman

point A

Where is a woman's erogenous zone called point A? You can find this intimate spot on the front of the vagina, between the bladder and the cervix, which, like the G, is a hypersensitive area of 2 to 4 cm in size. With the intense arousal, the tissue around the uterus begins to contract so strongly that the male penis can penetrate nearly 3 centimeters into her neck. In addition, the area does not become hypersensitive after orgasm, allowing prolonged pleasure.

K point

The K-spot is located on the back wall of the vagina and can be stimulated during anal sex, but only if the wall between the rectum and vagina is not too thick. Unlike the first two areas, stimulation of this area does not lead to emotionally coloured experiences, love and affection for the partner, but to a particularly intense and vivid orgasm.

U point

What other erogenous zones do women have? The U-spot is a soft erectile tissue that also penetrates nerve endings more extensively than surrounding tissue. It can be found in the vestibule of the urethra. During the stimulation of the U spot, there is a strong desire for sex and a desire to urinate at the same time. In this case, the impact is not only at the U spot, but also on Skene's glands, the so-called "prostate" in women, located in the corpus cavernosum throughout the urethra. These areas are separate for each woman and can be located at the exit of the urethra, in the middle of the canal, or in the neck itself. Their location is an important factor in U-spot sensitivity, which is unaffected during normal intercourse, so must be stimulated individually, using finger circles. Simultaneous stimulation of a woman's G-spot and U-spot can sometimes lead to so-called "squirting" and multiple orgasms.

There is an opinion that the main male organ is the penis. All the erogenous zones are concentrated on it. In fact, in any man's body, there is another powerful sexual tool that actively participates in every sexual intercourse. This refers to the prostate, or in other words, the prostate.

On a whim, few people remember the existence of the prostate. And it was utterly futile. Like the male primary sex organs, she is very sensitive to stimulation. Some sexologists compare it to the female G-spot, as the effective action on the prostate is accompanied by an unforgettable pleasure.

How to find this mysterious area in men? >

  1. Before you start looking for the gems in your partner, give him some preparation. Ideally, men should clean their bowels and empty their rectum with an enema, which would make this intimate massage more aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Do your best to make your partner relax and trust you completely. The uncertainty in his heart will cause the sphincter muscle to contract and cause your sex experiment to fail completely. Find out from the person if he really wants to be involved. Otherwise, instead of bright joy, he will only experience discomfort and pain.
  3. Trim your nails without fail. If you have extended nails, don't even try to start looking for the G-spot, as this is full of minimally invasive looks in your loved one's rectum.
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly, not only before, but after finding and finding treasure. Do not touch the male genitals or your genitals with your hands while searching, preferably with disposable gloves. Thus, you will protect yourself from various microorganisms in your partner's colon, which can lead to the development of inflammatory processes.
  5. Do not start looking for the prostate at the beginning of intercourse. It's best to move it to the moment when you feel an orgasm coming. Otherwise, you can simply ruin your partner's sexuality or even make him uncomfortable.
  6. Male prostate and g-spot massage
  7. Give your man an erotic massage, starting at the head and moving smoothly to the abdomen and back. Pay special attention to the buttocks. Massage your partner with gentle movements.
  8. Have your man lie on his back. At this point, you'll settle between his legs, very carefully inserting your fingers into his anus, while not forgetting to use petroleum jelly or special lubricant. Move forward about 4-5 cm and try to feel a chestnut-sized bump in the front wall of the bowel from the side of the abdomen.
  9. Alternatively, you can have your partner take a knee-elbow position or lie on his side, preferably the right side, with his knees pressed firmly against his abdomen. Not only will this position make it easier for you, it also allows men to experience multiple orgasms. In this pose, the pelvic muscles are maximally relaxed.
woman and auspicious point position

A full sex life is the guarantee of good health, good mood, youth and family happiness. In order for both parties to derive absolute joy from intimacy, you need to know how to find ji-points.

Stimulating the erogenous zones allows a man and his partner to orgasm.

In fact, there's a special place - the ji point, that they've been talking about since the middle of the last century. There is still no consensus on the location of the g-spot. Women generally have no problem determining their coordinates.

female ji point position

This place is located on the front wall of the vagina - 3 to 5 cm from the entrance. What the sexy epicenter itself looks like can be seen in a special video. There are also some photos where one particular place looks like a small size bean.

To identify ji points, you don't need to study the video. By tactile inspection, this place is very obvious. If the area is irritated, the size increases significantly (multiple times in some women).

Finding a sexy spot is not difficult at all, and for that you need to feel the front wall of your vagina. This area will be more rough and rough, which is not typical for the rest of the mucosa.

The easiest way to find the G-spot is when a woman is sexually aroused. This area is less sensitive to any girl and therefore requires additional positive stimulation. To master this stimulating practical technique, you can watch the video.

During sexual intercourse, there is no stimulation of the g-pole, so some women have doubts about the existence of such a place. Every girl has a separate one. Therefore, to detect the presence of ji microregions, an optimal pose should be chosen.

Female genitourinary system and gee point

These include the following provisions:

  • partner behind;
  • The girl assumes a rider's position and leans back hard.

Even careful study of videos or photos doesn't always help to find the answer, how to find ji points? That doesn't mean your sex life will be less impressive.

Point ji is really a unique place. For most women, however, sexual sensations rather than physical sensations predominate. Some girls notice that they don't enjoy the stimulation of the sexy G chakra at all.

The older the woman, the less important it is to use the g-factor to achieve orgasm. It should also be taken into account that, according to sexologists, the task of finding super-erotic spots is only relevant for women who simply cannot experience orgasm.

How to determine the ji point coordinates of a partner?

If a woman's auspicious spot can be solved by touch, then how to find a partner's g-spot is not difficult at all.

It's easier to find such positions on the male half body, and you don't even need a training video. An analog of the ji dot is the prostate.

There is such a sexy spot from the bottom of the bladder close to the urethra (this can be seen in the video). To reach the "point" of a man, you have to use the anus. Here's how it works: Gently insert your finger into the anus and find a slight bulge on the side of the abdomen. This will be area g. It is located four to five centimeters from the entrance to the anus.

Not all men like women's unusual sexual behavior. Some representatives of the dominant gender have negatively commented on women's attempts to find a place to be sexy.

Intimacy and ji-point location

Another important note: Your partner shouldn't have long, pointy nails. If she manages to locate the g-zone, it's best to use a special lubricant for stroking. All these actions have to be performed very carefully.

If the partner decides to find a unique region g, then a different approach is suggested. You can watch the dedicated video above.

With mutual consent, try to find precious items called "g-spots" through tactile research. For some couples, the magic g transforms intimate lives, making them richer and more vibrant.

Only by exploring each other's bodies can lovers get real pleasure!