Natural Ways to Increase Potency Quickly and Effectively

After reaching the age limit of 30, most men think about how to increase potency, enhance erectile function and prevent possible reproductive disorders. Additionally, many seek to do this through natural means and natural methods that do not harm the body, while strengthening the immune system and increasing vitality. But with a competent and rational approach, it is very doable. Using traditional medicine methods, proper rest, monitoring the quality of food eaten, and following other healthy lifestyle principles will increase the duration and quality of sexual intercourse and increase male strength.

How Adverse Potency Increases Naturally

General advice

Almost every Powerhouse representative is thinking about how to increase potency and increase male strength, regardless of his fitness and age category. But to be fair, it should be noted that these problems usually affect men over the age of 30, as erectile function declines after that age.

This trend is less due to characteristic age-related changes than to adherence to bad habits, lack of regular sexual and physical activity, systemic stress, nervousness, and other negative factors.

If there are no diseases in the genital area that negatively affect male sexual activity, there is a good chance that topical folk methods are used at home to increase potency. It is best to rule out the use of specific drugs that have a pronounced stimulant effect, as they have a negative effect on the body.

Foods that increase potency

What should be done to increase potency without resorting to drugs, guided only by natural and safe measures? If the problem is mild and one-time, it is likely to resort to establishing a healthy lifestyle. To this end, the following principles must be implemented:

  • Food Culture. First you need to establish a diet. Eat only healthy and whole foods. Preserves, pickles, jams, marinades, and quick dishes should be forgotten forever. It is recommended to only cook at home and to do so frequently. At the same time, it is recommended to eat regularly, at the same time, at least five times a day, eat a small amount of each meal, the total amount does not exceed 250-300 ml.
  • Movement - is life. including sex. Lack of moderate physical activity is likely to cause intimacy problems due to poor circulation to the pelvic organs. However, we should not forget that physical fatigue and excessive stress can also cause very serious problems. It's best to do exercise every other day, and that's enough.
  • hardening. With the help of hardening procedures, it is very possible to increase the duration and quality of sexual intercourse. This is due to the restoration and improvement of blood circulation to the pelvic organs. As hardening, it is best to choose to wipe or water with cold water. This should be done regularly every day, otherwise it is not easy to achieve positive results.
  • hardened for increased potency
  • Eliminate bad habits. Smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs that your body doesn't need—with the help of these negative addictions, it is likely to lead to the development and diminished potency of serious consequences. No matter how difficult it is, you should completely get rid of this habit of the past.
  • refuse to take medicine. Most modern people, both male and female, tend to regularly take medications that have sedative properties, promote weight loss, and a few other effects. It should not be done without a genuine need and a corresponding prescription from the attending physician. By taking such drugs, you may aggravate your health and trigger the development of erectile dysfunction.
  • Tranquility and complete rest. In the modern world, most men experience intense feelings and stress on a daily basis. Against a background of over-the-top nerves, it's not possible to increase potency, and it's not possible to do it quickly without hurting the body. It's best to monitor your emotional background and avoid being shaken by the little things.
drugs that increase potency

Taking various medications unnecessarily can lead to impaired health and erections.

important! If the above principles are not followed, it is very difficult for any folk methods to improve erectile function in men. Potency can only be enhanced by following the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle.

full rest

Lack of adequate adequate sleep each day, exhaustion of mental and physical stress, stress - each of these factors, alone or in combination, can contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction in men. To avoid this, it is best to normalize your daily routine.

First, you need to determine the optimal sleep time, which is the number of hours of rest per day, which is calculated strictly individually for each individual. Next, you should follow established norms and sleep for as long as your body needs to fully recover and rest. Adhering to this rule is especially important for the category of men who have reached the age limit of 30. An increase in erectile function can only be achieved with the help of this method if the genital area is free of diseases and other conditions.

sleep for increased potency

Since fatigue may impair potency, in this case, simply rest and recover.


Few people know how to increase potency through the use of aromatherapy, but it is the easiest and most enjoyable way to increase potency, not only is it fast, but it is also absolutely safe. With the help of natural aromatic oils, it can induce intense sexual arousal and increase its potency. It is recommended to use this method at any time and at any age, including after the age of 30.

As the most effective essential oils to increase potency and libido in men, hereafter referred to as:

  • oranges, tangerines, lemons;
  • roses;
  • vanilla;
  • ylang ylang;
  • bergamot;
  • patchouli;
  • orange blossom;
  • sandals.
Aromatherapy for increased potency

The aromas listed above can be used at any time, but they should not be abused as this measure is likely to cause the appearance of a headache. Oils should be used individually and in combination. The combination of several flavors, of course, can have almost immediate positive effects with the right ingredients in the composition.

Suggest! Having chosen a scent, tested its effectiveness, it shouldn't stop there. Combining your favorite oil with other ingredients will greatly increase the effectiveness of the main ingredient.

aphrodisiac products

It is also possible to enhance erectile function in men by consuming certain foods that contain a lot of aphrodisiac properties. These compounds are highly irritating and are especially recommended for people over 30, when the body needs external hormones the most.

potency product

How to increase the potency of food? In order to prepare a dish with exciting properties, you need to be familiar with the list of foods that are classified as aphrodisiacs. These include:

  • tomato;
  • oysters;
  • seaweed;
  • celery;
  • natural chocolate;
  • banana;
  • Quail eggs and eggs;
  • Tangerine;
  • Fig;
  • dried fruit;
  • onion garlic;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Honey.
Fruit and cinnamon for increased potency

Preparing a good lunch or dinner based on the above products is very simple and you can use one or more ingredients. To increase erectile function immediately before intercourse, it is recommended to prepare dishes from the table below. E. g:

  • Scrambled eggs with lots of onions and tomatoes;
  • celery apple salad;
  • oysters with lemon juice;
  • Nuts with dried fruit and honey.

Additionally, these dishes are recommended for regular use by men over 30 and men over 45-50. Dishes containing aphrodisiac ingredients are not temporary, but permanent enhancements.

Oysters increase potency

important! When planning a daily diet to improve erectile function, it is recommended to prioritize dishes of plant and animal origin. Only natural and high-quality foods can help to get rid of potency problems without harming the body.

exercise pressure

Is it possible and how to increase potency through physical exercise? First, it is necessary to answer that this is very doable. In addition, a complex of various exercises not only helps to restore a mature intimate life, but also helps to strengthen overall health. You should also not forget that it is only possible to increase potency with the help of exercise in the absence of disease.

How to strengthen erection with exercise? First you need to choose a complex that is the easiest, affordable and effective. Therefore, it is necessary to list the following:

  • squat;
  • jump;
  • walk;
  • swim;
  • run;
  • Lift the body from the prone position.
swimming for increased potency

So the following conclusion is self-explanatory: these types of workouts contribute to potency, during which the greatest load falls on the lower part of the body. These methods allow you to strengthen the muscles of the small pelvis and increase blood flow to the genitals. Exercise should be done regularly, but a one-off exercise will improve the quality and duration of sexual intercourse.

important! If there are medical contraindications, such as heart and vascular disease, you should not consider how to strengthen an erection with physical activity. In the presence of any condition, a different approach to potency enhancement is recommended.

For maximum effect in enhancing potency, it is not recommended to abuse any of the above methods. Moderation and sanity are the two main criteria by which the best results can be achieved in the shortest possible time. Also, it is recommended that you consult your doctor for possible contraindications.