Products to Improve Male Potency

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Every man dreams of being healthy. Due to the frantic pace of life, unfavorable environmental conditions, stress, constant psychological blockages, even the physically fit and strong can break out of the routine. This can adversely affect the entire male body. Including starting to suffer and sexual function.

To avoid negative consequences, you should eat right. Some products help increase potency in men.

A mature and varied diet affects health in general and affects potency. Men's health is very sensitive and will respond to lack of nutrients and vitamins.

What should a man's diet be?

The key to male activity is a balanced diet. Thanks to him, the body is enriched with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other components that keep you in good health. Proper nutrition and an active lifestyle can help eliminate potency problems.

A healthy person's nutrition should be diverse. It must include products that contain:

  • magnesium;
  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • sulfur.

In addition to this, the body must also be provided with plant and animal proteins, carbohydrates, natural fats that enhance erection. Foods must contain vitamins A, C, E, D necessary for normal potency. In winter, vitamin supplements are recommended. Potency is positively influenced by vitamins B5 and B6, which regulate hormone levels and help fight stress.

Aphrodisiacs should also be included in a man's diet. The zinc they contain helps in sperm production. Also, it is recommended to eat more foods rich in alkaloids and antioxidants, which are the reasons for falling in love.

What foods can increase potency?

There are many products that can increase potency. The main source of impeccable erection:

  • nuts, vegetables, fruits;
  • candy, meat, seafood;
  • honey, herbs, fish;
  • Sour cream, milk, cheese.

With regular consumption of these products, the man's tone is always normal. Let's consider how certain products affect potency in more detail.


This food helps increase potency. Men who regularly consume lettuce, celery, soybeans, almonds, papaya seeds, nettles, radishes, fennel, asparagus, ginger, cabbage, beets, nuts, pistachios, melons, carrots, cardamom, chili peppers and other products that increase sexual activityThere will be no intimacy issues.

What are the benefits of these products? The fact is that they contain a lot of vegetable protein, which has a lower biological value compared to protein of animal origin, but this amino acid composition has a beneficial effect on potency. In addition, plant foods contain polyunsaturated fatty acids that help restore hormonal balance, as well as components that affect sexual activity.

Doctors recommend that men add walnuts, peanuts, lemons, mint, figs, cumin, oranges, thyme, purslane, avocado, pomegranate and tarragon to their diets. Thanks to these products, the potency is greatly increased.

protein food

It is very important for men to eat protein-rich foods. Meat helps boost sexual performance, so it must be included in a sex-heavy diet. Fish is recommended, which increases erections several times. Mackerel is very useful in this regard, it contains trace elements that increase excitability, as well as vitamin E, which is responsible for the production of the main male hormone, testosterone. Fish is best eaten cooked.

A man can diversify his diet with vegetables that are good for sexual performance. Radishes, potatoes, mushrooms, onions, carrots can increase potency. Due to their amino acid composition, they increase libido. Dandelion is rich in protein and trace elements and is also considered an excellent stimulant. It is recommended to add it to vegetable salads.


Not only is it great for health, but it is also great for increasing the potency of honey. It is mixed with hazelnuts, peanuts or walnuts and eaten every day before bed. Take this delicious effect on day 4 or 5. Peanuts or walnuts can be replaced with peeled seeds, sesame seeds, plums, or other dried fruits.

Dark chocolate improves mood and is an excellent stress reliever. Because of the antioxidants contained in its composition, it allows trouble-free erections. Cocoa has the same effect.


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There are products that help to instantly increase potency in men. These are seafood such as salmon, flounder, shrimp, mackerel, crayfish, squid, etc. The zinc and selenium contained in it affect male sexual function and ensure the health of the intimate area. Not only is seafood rich in vitamins and minerals, it is also rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that are involved in testosterone biosynthesis.

Mussels have the same quality. Due to their beneficial properties, they can improve erectile function. The amino acids contained in its components activate the production of sex hormones.

For maximum effect, raw shellfish is recommended, as heat treatment loses large amounts of protein and useful trace elements. Also, they should be eaten during the reproductive phase, when they contain the highest concentration of amino acids.

What should be excluded from the diet?

Use Green Salad for Potency

To avoid potency issues and prevent impotence, men must give up harmful products that negatively affect potency. These include coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks. It is necessary to minimize pasta and other carbohydrate foods, which contribute to a quick satiety but do not increase potency.

The effects of bread on male strength are both negative and positive. The abuse of white bread is not recommended as it can lead to the development of impotence. For men's rye or bran bread. The B vitamins it contains are necessary for a normal erection.

Therefore, potency products must be present in a man's diet. Male strength increases through the use of certain foods. They, along with a walk in the fresh air, exercise and a good mood, will make you forget about unstable erections forever.